My College Visit-BVU

The college that I visited yesterday was BVU or Buena Vista University. I had a fun time visiting the college, but I was not very impressed with the college itself. The best part of the trip was the food they offered for lunch. They had a pretty good sized buffet with lots of different food options. I am an Iowa State fan and I have toured the campus there as well. I was much more impressed with their academic standards and classes. I loved the campus at Iowa State and I would love to go to school there. One thing that surprised me at BVU was the arch. The stone arch is on campus at BVU and the myth is that if you walk through the arch before you graduate you will not graduate from college. I don’t see myself going to school at BVU because like I said before I was not impressed. The campus was nice. The buildings were very close to one another so you wouldn’t have to walk far to get to your classes, but that’s all I noticed. One thing I did like at BVU was having a wonderful view of the lake. They do offer some fun courses at BVU that you can take and use out on the lake. I want to go to Iowa State because their one of the best veterinary schools in the state. I’m very interested in a job having to do with animals. Whether the job is an animal trainer, caretaker, or even a veterinarian. I could definitely see myself going to Iowa State University.

Genius Hour

For my Genius Hour project Bree C. and I have chosen to make a recipe book. Bree and I will be making a recipe book full of delicious meals that are easy to make. We would like our meals to be healthy and gluten free if possible. We will make a main course, side dish, dessert, and drink. Our goal is to become gourmet chefs and learn to make healthy meals. Bree and I will be searching for appetizing meals to share with our friends. The recipe book will consist of five main courses, five side dishes, five desserts, and five different kinds of drinks. We will be making one of each dish for ourselves. We will then decide if the food tastes good and was worth the work or if the food tastes bad and was a waste of our time. If the food tastes good then the project was a success! If the food tastes bad the project will still be a success because we will have tried our best and had fun while doing it. This project seems like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get started!

My Spring Break

This spring break I was very busy! I went on the Washington D.C. trip. We left Fort Dodge on Sunday afternoon and we returned home on Friday afternoon. The itinerary was packed to the brim. The bus ride was 22 hours long going to and from DC. Right when we arrived to DC we went to our first appointment which was at the capitol. We took a tour of the capitol and then watched a house of representatives session. After we finished up at the capitol, we went to the Wax Museum. The Wax Museum was one of my favorite places that we went to on the trip. The Wax Museum consists of many famous people made entirely out of wax. Many of the wax models were past presidents and impacting people in our history. Other models were famous actors or performers such as Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Jimmy Fallon, and Whitney Houston. Another place we visited was the National Cathedral. The cathedral was absolutely beautiful! The glass windows and the architecture were perfect. A few days later on the trip, we visited the White House. The White House was surrounded by the secret service and policemen. There was even a man protesting in front of the White House. I loved everything about this trip except for the long bus ride, but other than that everything was amazing. My favorite part about this trip were the cherry blossom trees. We were lucky enough to have the experience of seeing the cherry blossom trees while they were in bloom! My spring break was very fun, but also very tiring!

Week 10- So Long, farewell

This will be my last blog post until March. Today I will be writing about my blog and evaluating it. On my blog I have published seven blogs and this will be my eighth. All of the posts I wrote were set by the student challenge. I received a total of four comments on all of my blog posts. One comment was from my teacher and the others were from my classmates. The post that got the most comments was ‘Who I am on and offline’. The reason I got the most comments on that post is because my friend was stating her opinion and my teacher was learning who I was. I enjoyed writing the nature post the most because I wrote about foxes and I love them. I changed my blog theme because it’s winter I Changed my blog theme to a Christmas elf and Santa. I’m not exactly sure what a widget is so I’m not going to answer that question. I don’t think I have anyone overseas in my blogroll. To show creativity in my blog I used Google Images and Flickr. This is the end of my post so go0dbye blogging!


Week 6- Visiting

I visited Daisy’s blog and she lives in China. She talked about her favorite food which is dumplings and they sounded delicious. Next I visited Tabatha and she lives in Australia. Tabatha talked about Koalas dying because of the loss of their habitats. Her family owns a wildlife park and she is very concerned which I thought was really important and I agreed with her 100% on the importance of saving the koalas. The next blog I visited was Dariana’s  blog and she lives in Mexico. Dariana wrote about dolphins and how they are very intelligent mammals. She described the dolphins very well and I loved how she described their qualities. Another blog that I visited was Annie’s blog and she lives in Australia. My favorite post on Annie’s blog was about her pet parakeet snowy. She said that Snowy was a very chirpy bird and that he bites her a lot ,but she still loves him a lot. I read Connor’s blog and he’s from Canada. He talked about the comparison of cats and dogs. He said that he liked dogs better than cats and I totally agree with him. I love cats too ,but I love dogs more and so does he. One more blog I visited was Viktoria’s blog and she lives in Hungary. Her post was very deep ,but it’s hard to explain ,but anyways I loved it and she should keep up the great work. You could also tell that she put a lot of thought into it and that’s why I liked it so much. My next blog that I went to was Abderrahmane who lives in Morocco. He talked about many different types of deserts they eat in Morocco at weddings and parties. One desert that he mentioned was called kaab. Kaab looked delicious and sounded delicious and I would like to learn more about it. The next blog I went to was Owen’s and he lives in Greece. Owen’s blog was all about abstract art and what he found interesting about them. I found some of the pieces quite interesting and I liked how he told us about the details of the artwork. Next I went to Zoe’s blog and she talked about one of the most famous candies in America which would be Snickers. She wrote down some recipes that use Snickers candy bars and they sounded delicious.  The final blog I went to was David’s blog and he lives in America. David wrote about one of his favorite foods which happen to be hot dogs. He told people what is used to make a hot dog and where they are available in America. These are all of the blogs I visited and they were all very interesting.





My Favorite Time With My Family

My favorite time with my family was when we went to Adventureland. I went to Adventureland with my Mom, Dad, my brother Berch, my grandma, grandpa, my Uncle Adam, Aunt Kristen, and my two cousins Kaera and Mira. My cousins and uncle adam live in London right now ,but they came home to visit my family. My family decided that we were gonna do something fun while they were home so we chose to go to Adventureland. On our way to Altoona my cousins and I played games with one another. When we got to the Adventureland Inn we checked into our rooms and then went in the gates of the amusement park. First since my cousins are so young they wanted to ride the Frog hopper. While my uncle took my cousins around the park on the kids rides, my family and I stood in the super long line for the Space shot. The Space shot is my family’s favorite ride in the park. As we moved on throughout the park my cousins wanted my Aunt Kristen and I to ride the hot air balloon ride with them which I denied at first because I knew that I wouldn’t do well because the ride spins around so much ,but I decided to ride it because I would have felt bad if I didn’t go. After the girls and I were finished with the ride I felt very dizzy so I had to sit down for a while and rest. A while later I began feeling better and went on to other rides. Later in the day after we ate lunch my cousins wanted to go swim at the hotel. My uncle decided to take them to the hotel so they could go swimming while the rest of us were on our way to other rides. As the day went on it slowly turned to night and the park lit up like fireworks! Next we went on all of the roller coasters and it was so fun. You could see the whole park from the very top of the Tornado. The last thing that we did at Adventureland was buy some delicious funnel cakes ,but my family also wanted to ride the Space shot again except we had to make a decision because the park was closing soon. My Aunt Kristen decided that she would go back and buy the funnel cakes so my Mom, Dad, Brother, and I could ride the Space shot one last time. As we were on the ride we flew up in the air and it felt incredible! That was my favorite part of the whole vacation! Later on we headed back to the hotel and drifted to sleep. The next morning we went to the swimming pool to hang out for a while before we had to head home. In conclusion my family and I had a great time together! That was my favorite time with my family!


The Average American Foods


S’mores are a commonly eaten food in America. You make a s’more by using two graham crackers or one graham cracker and splitting the cracker in half. You then put a marshmallow on a metal rod and stick the rod with the marshmallow on it in the fire. Once your marshmallow is burned or warmed up the way you would like it to be you take the marshmallow out of the fire and blow on it to cool it down. Next you take a chocolate bar (my favorite happens to be Hershey’s chocolate) ,but you break off a piece of the chocolate and place it on one side of your graham cracker. Then you take the marshmallow off of the rod and place that on top of the chocolate and lastly you take the other half of your graham cracker and put that on top of the marshmallow and smash it all together to make a delicious treat!

Another food that is commoly eaten in America is hot dogs. Whether you buy a hot dog from a fast food restaurant or make on yourself they are delicious. You make a hot dog by taking a bun and putting the hot dog in the middle of the bun. You can either grill or microwave your hot dog depending on the type you buy. Lastly you can put your condiments on your hot dog. There are all types of condiments you can use on your hot dog. Some types of condiments you can use are ketchup, mustard, horse radish, sauerkraut, relish, onions, pickles, and those are only a few of them. These foods are just a few of my favorites in America.

Week 7-Nature/Foxes

My blog post is based on Fox’s. Foxes are small to medium sized mammals. Red foxes live around the world in many diverse habitats including forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts. Red foxes feed on rodents, rabbits, and birds ,but their diet is as flexible as their home habitat. Foxes will also eat fruit, vegetables, fish, frogs, and even worms. If foxes happen to be living around humans then they will occasionally dine on garbage or pet food. The fox’s thick tail helps keep its balance ,but the tail on a fox has other uses as well. A fox’s tail also serves as a warm cover to protect it from the cold weather. The fox often uses its tail as a signal flag to communicate with other foxes. Foxes also signal each other by urinating to mark their territory. In winter, foxes meet to mate. The female which is called a (vixen) typically gives birth to a litter of 2 to 12 pups. At birth foxes are usually brown or gray. A new red coat usually grows in by the end of the first month ,but some red foxes are golden, reddish-brown, silver, or even black. Both parents care for their young through the summer before they are able to go out on their own in the fall. Foxes usually tend to live for at least five years. One fact about foxes is that they are part of the dog family. Some more facts about foxes is that a female fox is called a vixen and a male fox is called a tod. A group of foxes is called a skulk or a leash. Foxes are the only type of dog that are capable of retracting their claws like cats do. There are many different types of foxes, and they are the most widespread wild dog species in the world.

Stop The Madness!

The madness has to stop! Did you know that 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. Approximately  160,000 teens skip school each day because of bullying. 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4% of the time! By age 14 less than 30% of boys and 40% of girls will talk to their friends or peers about bullying. Different types of bullying include teasing, talking about hurting someone, spreading rumors, leaving others out on purpose, and attacking someone by hitting, injuring or yelling at them. There are all sorts of ways you could bully someone whether you are face to face with them or using social media to bully or bother them. One type of bullying that is commonly used with teens is called cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is used with social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter. Some people cyber-bully by texting the victim or e-mailing them. Some bully’s even share embarrassing pictures or videos online ,but some even go as far as to make a fake profile on a website to secretly make fun of their victim. A lot of times bullying will lead to suicide. Suicide often happens to someone who is in a deep depression  or has lost a loved one or a friend that is close to them.  The biggest issue that I personally have with bullying is that people often think that they can get away with it! In all reality though they do get away with bullying because the people that are getting bullied will most likely not speak up. The victims often seem too scared or petrified to even think about telling someone to end the madness. In most cases I find from watching my piers in school is that the bully is often one of the so called popular kids. In every school and everywhere you go in life there will always be a thing called the categories. Maybe in school there will be categories such as the ‘jocks’ or maybe there will be the ‘popular snobby kids’ ,but welcome to reality ladies and gentleman! Do you honestly think that being popular or being rude to everyone will get you anywhere in life? No. From my vision you have to work hard in life to get somewhere. Do you think that everything will be handed to you in life without working for it? You can’t just drift through life without a care in the world because you will most likely end up on the streets. I hope that you will stop this madness called bullying and work hard in life to achieve success! Because everyone in this world is equal if you ask me.

Who I am on and offline

Who I am online is basically the same person I am offline. I may be a little more open with my life in person ,especially with my friends! On social media I like to post funny things. A lot of times though in real life my classmates think that I am a very shy and quiet person ,but around my family and friends I am as loud as I can be. So in conclusion I honestly don’t think that I am a very different person on and offline.